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Jess' longest running passion is music production.  As an awkward teen multi-instrumentalist, she spent many evenings and weekends in her parents' basement recording songs on cassette with her Fostex 4-track.  She has since caught up with technology and prefers her Mac & Pro Tools combo. She records in her humble yet highly efficient home studio in Brooklyn, NY with many analog signal chains to choose from in addition to a large variety of virtual and real instruments. 


Record vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars,  bass, and percussion at Jess' home studio.  Moral support from two old poodles and a very curious cat provided for free. Coffee will always been available and hot in addition to water, tea and snacks. Perform your best in this no-pressure, comfortable setting. 


Already recorded your tracks? Have Jess mix your song.  Just send over the stems and she'll blend and balance your song to your liking. 


Jess can take your original, raw demo and turn it into a full-blown polished production, ready for release on Spotify.  She'll work with you to find the sonic template, help choose which instruments should play what part, she'll perform on your track or find the best musicians to do so. Basically whatever it takes to bring your song to its fullest potential, she'll get it there. 


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